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Keisha Kidan is a serial entrepreneur who has had her own business in some form or another since 2001.  In 2001, she started a website called Chicago Talent Online which showcased local singers and musicians in the Chicagoland area.  From the website and working with many talented artists, she created showcases for these artists to come together and perform at venues across the city. As a music fan, it was an honor to work with top talent and record labels. And really, it was the beginning of the concept, that continues to drive her business identity: Using the internet and technology to promote talented people to a world stage. From the music business, she happened into real estate, fell in love, began teaching (in service to her real estate agents and clients) and decided to dedicate her career to education in 2006. 

Keisha first began working in education,  when teaching online business courses in Entrepreneurship for City Colleges of Chicago after owning and managing a real estate boutique firm.  Soon thereafter, she worked for Chicago Public Schools, developing and managing a program that grew online learning opportunities to over 100 high schools across the city. 

Professor Kidan & Company was developed to allow Keisha & her colleagues the opportunity to teach the world through online learning. As an independent education consultant, she works with universities, corporations and entrenrepeurs to build training and online courses. 


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