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Hello! My name is Keisha Kidan and I am the principal consultant at Professor Kidan & Company. I am a strong advocate of the merge between education and technology with over ten years of experience teaching online and working in e-learning. I teach at local Universities, design online course offerings, and facilitate trainings as an independent education consultant.  I collaborate and partner with others in business, technology, education and even real estate to train and teach technology and business! 



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Areas Of Service

Teaching|online course development

With many years of experience teaching and creating online courses, we can help you hone in your teaching opportunities and create an online course for you that is engaging and dynamic.  If you are an expert in your respective field, we want to partner with you to create an online courses, media and/or webinars to help you share your talent with the world! Let us create a worldwide platform to get your message across by designing your online courses and/or products.

take an online course

We offer online courses in business and real estate.  However, we like to connect with our students to build opportunities that will meet their educational needs. For more information on our education partners (including access to free courses, please contact us). 


We can help organize training for students, staff, teachers and more from basic software or office product training to equipment and program training. For entrepreneurs, we can evaluate your business to help you figure out how to use technology to meet your goals. We provide the experts to make sure  you understand technology and use what you have efficiently. And, we partner with you to ensure your employees and staff will have the skills and know how to accomplish your overall goals.


The startup and small business marketplace requires mentorship and expertise at times. With over 16 years in entrepreneurship and experience teaching hundreds of new entrepreneurs, we can help you brainstorm to maximize your use of technology and offer services to help you map out your business plan. Set up a free consultation!

technology Expertise

We provide leading experts in education technology, online learning/teaching and technology integration to advise with corporate or educational projects. If you have a need for an educational technology expert, we can connect you and help to ensure you are getting the best products and experiences. 







Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world.
— Nelson Mandela